How to create a tutorial video?

People all over are taking advantage of explainer videos. These tutorial videos are being used as a way to market products, services, brand or skills. Websites like YouTube which host many of these, are renowned for them. It is in such sites where people make money from their tutorial videos. At the same time, others use them as a way to bring traffic to their sites. Companies utilize the power of tutorial videos to show and tell potential clients all about their services or products.

Those who use explainer videos are utilizing one of the most effective ways to presently engage with others. For those that have great skills at doing something, then creating one can be an awesome way to make money. It can also be a tool to show others what you can do or are good at. In many cases, some people simply create explainer videos to help others find answers and solutions to their problems. But how exactly do you go about creating a tutorial video? What steps do you have to follow to make an awesome explainer video?

Before anything else, you should know that there are several different types of tutorial or explainer videos. The majority of explainer videos are created using the screencast method. In other situations people use live action to make them. Those that are bit more skillful, utilize explainer video making programs or software online. These tend to let you create animated or whiteboard explainer videos easily and quickly. For companies or individuals trying to reach a larger audience, professional video creation companies are used. Top rated companies such as SquareShip come to mind, see their explainer videos here. How or whom you choose to create your explainer video can be determined later. For now, here are some great tips on how to create an awesome tutorial explainer video.

1 – Begin With A Storyline

Although many people will simply record the video as they go and say things without a script, that is not recommended. Too many tutorials and explainer videos get thumbs down or are ignored because of being done off-the-cuff. Stammering or seeming as if you are looking for what to say can turn people off. It is best to write a great storyline. This will allow you to avoid using things such as ‘so’, ‘uhms’ and other form of rambling. Viewers will appreciate a well followed script as long as you make it seem conversational and professional. Besides, it will also allow you to get a better read of exactly what you want to say and explain in your tutorial video.

2 – Keep It Simple

The majority of top rated or well received explainer videos are short and to the point. Most of them are 60 second explainer videos, although some are longer. The average time can be anywhere between 30 to 190 seconds. While you can make yours longer, keeping your explainer video short delivers best results. Avoid trying to make your tutorial explainer video cover too much ground. It’s important to remember that some people create their explainer videos in parts. That way, if you have too much to cover, you can offer a follow-up or second part. Still, if you keep it short and can make it all in one take, that will render the best results.

3- Choose Your Recording Weapon

Most explainer videos created using screencast option are made using a software or program. These allow you to record and capture the screen of your computer or laptop. This software is great for people who are doing explainer videos about something related to computers or something online. For those who are doing a live action format, they can use a recording device to do so. There are several apps for Smartphones and mobile devices that let you record yourself or others. You can also use a camera or some other type of recording equipment. People who want to make theirs using animation, there are several options. They can use free explainer video making software or purchase one. In all, there are numerous programs you can use to make great explainer videos.

4 – Make Voice Recording Separate

To make sure your explainer video is as accurate and professional as possible, record your video and audio parts separately. While doing both at the same time can be more efficient, it is not the best approach. Trying to concentrate on the tutorial part and the audio at the same time can cause more confusion. Besides, doing them separately typically delivers professional and higher quality results.

5 – Use Professional Voice Recording

Too many explainer videos are very useful in solving the problem people are looking for. The only thing is that often times, the person’s voice on the tutorial video is horrible. They may have a voice which is annoying or atrocious. Other times they may have an accent that is hard to understand. Worse is when the audio is of very bad quality. Either of those scenarios will result in negative feedback on your video and its overall acceptance. Luckily, you can hire someone to record the voice for you. And you don’t have to spend that much for using that voice artist. If you are not that comfortable with speaking on the microphone or your voice is not that great, this is a very good option. In addition, it will make your explainer tutorial video that much better.

Once you are ready with your video, your final step is creating it and promoting it. You will need to upload it to Vimeo, YouTube and other similar sites. Be sure to use social media platforms to promote your video as well. Who knows, your tutorial explainer video may end up being one of the best explainer videos of the year.

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