How to Create A VR Porno Movie?

How to Create A VR Porno Movie?

Virtual reality is quickly becoming one of the best ways for people to view and enjoy pornography. Aside from the fact that it is so unlike traditional porn, there are many other benefits. VR Porn is immersive, interactive and has many capabilities. The last mentioned opening up new doors in sex toys, intimacy and sex itself. Additionally, people can change whom they are via avatars and other means. In all, when compared to regular smut, virtual reality porn movies are considered much better for a number of reasons. Perhaps that is playing a role into why so many people are looking to make their own virtual reality porno films.

Truth is as technology advances more each day, new methods for creating pornography are opened. There was a time when professional adult film companies were the only ones capable of creating porno movies. Then along came handheld cameras and all of that changed. But not to be outdone, smartphones appeared and took it to another level. Mobile devices practically allow anyone to make their own private homemade smut video. Granted the quality is not that great in most cases and neither is the audio. Still, it opened up an entire genre within the adult industry. Categories such as amateur, MILF, BBW and several others rose in popularity based on these non-professional movies.

Although millions of people enjoy low or medium quality adult movies, others want more. For them, either high-quality or HD porno is preferred. Then you have those who want the best and for them, it’s VR porn. Whether it’s to view or make your own, going about creating your own VR smut video is not that difficult. Of course they won’t be of the same caliber as those put out by professional film companies. That is unless you purchase the type of equipment they do. Unlike regular porn, virtual reality requires specialized cameras to record. More so if you want to capture the video in 360 degrees and 3D.

Those who are looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a VR porn movie are in luck. The first thing you need is a pair of VR goggles. Individuals who want to use smartphone apps to create their own VR porno movies fall in this category. Or those who want to make one without spending too much money. Either can use an app called 360 Panorama. It allows you to create virtual reality videos by capturing images to do so. There is also Photo Sphere which has a useful onscreen guide and lets people grab images in 360-degrees. Lastly, you have 360cam, Video Stitch, FullDive Camera, Google Street View and Carboard Camera.

Anyone willing to go further can use programs on their computers or software. The easier ones have drag and drop features while others require that you understand coding. Some of the most popular are Unity, Adobe Fuse and Mixcast VR.  It’s important to remember that those who want to do true VR porn movies require a lot more work, time, money and effort. They have to create photorealistic CG models with a light stage in order to scan the actors. Once that is done, they need to have the porn actors carry out the actual sex scene while wearing motion picture outfits. The final step is applying the animation you have captured, and you combine it with the photorealistic CG models.